You can uninstall the BolideAI app from your store from the Apps and sales channels settings screen in Shopify.


  1. There are several ways to access the Apps and sales channels screen:
    1. From your Shopify admin sidebar, go to the AppsApp and sales channel.
    2. From the top of your Shopify admin, click in the search bar and select Apps filter → App and sales channel.
  2. In the row of the app that you want to uninstall, click Remove.
  3. In the message that appears, select the Reason for deleting and click Delete.

Tip: If you remove this app, a request to erase your customers’ personal information from this app will be sent to the Bolide team after 48 hours unless the app is reinstalled.

Note: When you uninstall the application, the manually added HTML code from the Upsell & Cross-Sell widget settings remains in the theme template liquid files. Therefore, you should remove it from your store manually.