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So you’ve installed the BolideAI application and don’t know where to start. This article will help you familiarize yourself with the app’s features and user-friendly interface. Here, you can learn some tips about the BolideAI key features and how they work for Shopify.

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The BolideAI interface

The first page you see opening the BolideAI admin is the Dashboard and the Navigation panel on the left side. This is the home page of our application.


The Dashboard is the control panel from which you can:

  • See the app info notifications
  • Check out all BolideAI apps and open their settings 
  • Enter full-screen mode when you need to focus on the task by clicking the button at the upper right. You can enter and exit the full-screen mode from any app page.

The app’s Navigation panel is the main app menu and is located at the left side. All the app features can be found there for quick and easy access. You can follow the menu items to access the settings and details for the apps as well as General Settings, Feature Requests, and Help. You can also Rate Our App directly from the BolideAI admin. 

General Settings

From the General Settings page, you can force data synchronization of your store’s products, which is necessary for the correct work of the Upsell & Cross-Sell product blocks.

Synchronization between BolideAI and your Shopify store is triggered automatically every day. During the synchronization process, the sync engine updates the product and collection data to reflect changes that have occurred in the store catalog.

If you consider the information displayed in the BolideAI widgets not up to date, you can trigger synchronization manually by clicking the Force sync button.

In the Billing section on this page, you can view details of your current Pricing plan for the BolideAI app.

By clicking the Change Pricing plan button, you see all BolideAI offers to choose the one that fits the needs and budget of your business.

Feature Requests

We'd love to hear your feedback on how we're doing. We do our best to make our app most helpful to our customers.

If you want to suggest an idea with an app improvement or a new app feature, you can easily go to the Feature Requests section and submit your request from the BolideAI admin.

To make a great request, follow the steps:

  1. Select what you want to suggest: app improvement or new feature.
  2. Choose the app for which you want to get an improvement.
  3. Describe the issue you face in detail. Your suggestion on how BolideAI could work differently, along with a specific example that you've recently encountered.
  4. Provide with a solution on the situation and how you handle it today.

Tip: Remember, other BolideAI users can see your suggestions and vote for them too. A well-written feature request is a searchable and easy-to-find feature request.

After suggesting your idea, you can follow other feature requests and upvote the features you're most interested in from the Feature voting tab.

When your suggestion is approved, you can also track its state. Feature voting gives you the ability to vote on potential upcoming features and allows you to see what we have planned, and are working on. To vote the feature, click on the upvotes amount icon.

The following states are available:

The feature is under development

The feature is considered for development based on the upvotes amount

Your vote is accepted

You can check recent app updates from the Changelog tab. Release notes notify about new app features and bug fixes. Follow the news to stay updated.


If you’re stuck or need help with the app settings, we are always here to help. For your convenience, we provided you with quick links to our Help Center, where you can find all the necessary information on how to use the app and contact us for help. You can easily find and navigate through the help articles on the Help page from the BolideAI Navigation panel. The articles are divided up by topic and placed up and down the Help page.

If you need help, you can contact us directly from your app admin. Please use the in-app contact form to send your request:

Your request will be sent to our support@bolide.ai email box. As soon as we receive your message during our business hours, we will get back to you with a solution.

Note: Make sure that you receive emails to your mailbox from support@bolide.ai. See Adding support@bolide.ai to whitelist or safe sender list.

How BolideAI works for Shopify

BolideAI is an app built for Shopify stores to help you leverage the full power of marketing to improve conversion rates and increase your sales. You can manage the app from your Shopify admin. Use the in-app tools to set up a work system that brings measurable results and grows your business.

Upsell & Cross-Sell

The Upsell & Cross-Sell product blocks by Bolide increase your chances of converting new visitors by displaying product recommendations. Recommendations are built automatically based on the properties you set up.

The BolideAI recommendation engine helps you simplify and speed up product discovery to guide customers’ shopping journey. This flexible mechanism supports manual merchandising rules, including a set number of product items in the recommendation results.

Similar Products

The Similar Products block, traditionally shown on the product details page, recommends items similar to those currently viewed. The suggestions can be based on product type, tag, vendor, or collection to present customers with relevant product alternatives.

The Most Popular Products block displays the bestselling products on your website. It adds some social proof and stimulates the buyer’s interest in viewing the recommended items.

Customers Who Bought This Product Also Bought

Customers Who Bought This Product Also Bought is a classic strategy for cross-selling. It shows relevant products frequently bought by customers who also purchased the item currently viewed.

New Products

New Products are the product items recently added to your catalog. Showing visitors that your catalog is updated regularly boosts customer confidence that your store is active and stimulates shopping.

Products by Attribute

The Products by Attribute block automatically generates recommendations based on attributes like vendor, product type, collection, size, color, discount, or tag. It can be added to any page and serves various merchandising purposes.

Featured Products allow you to create your own recommendation widget that displays products you have manually selected. The widget can be added to any page and serves various merchandising purposes. For example, you may want to show products that aren’t selling fast enough or ones that are unique to your store. You can place Featured Products on your Shopify store to bring more attention to products that are:

  • On sale
  • Low selling
  • Limited edition
  • Part of a collaboration with an influencer

Recently Viewed Products

Recently Viewed Products allow your customers to pick up their shopping journey from where they left off on a previous visit. It displays a block of products they have recently viewed, eliminating the need for them to search for items they are interested in through the website navigation and prompting them to proceed with the purchase. You can decide how to store data from visitor views and display relevant products.

Free Shipping Bar

A Free Shipping Bar is a full-width banner that sticks to the top or bottom of your Shopify page and informs visitors that a free shipping offer is available once their shopping cart reaches a certain order amount.

The Free Shipping Bar has progressive messages that change as customers start adding items to the shopping cart. Each time they add something to the cart, the message on the bar updates to say how much they have left to spend to get free shipping.

Once the customer reaches the free shipping offer goal, the banner congratulates them and prompts them to check out. This encourages the customer to complete the order.

Customers see the free shipping offer as an added value to the products they buy. They view it as a chance to save money while buying more of what they need. This increases customer loyalty, resulting in more regular purchases.

Multi-Announcement Bar

A Multi-Announcement Bar is a simple but impressive tool to increase engagement and raise the conversion rate. It's easy to add a bar to your store site informing your customers of announcements, special events, and offers.

The Multi-Announcement Bar is a full-width slider with banners that appears at the top or bottom of the visitor's browser window as the site loads. Sliding banners include notification messages, promotional or store update, and a button with a call to action. Customers who click on the button are redirected to the page you want to promote.

With the BolideAI Multi-Announcement Bar, you can create multiple bars with different messages, colors, and designs for special offers using our flexible customization options. You can style your bar precisely the way you want, including color and typography adjustments to match your brand's look and style. The bar makes your site look more dynamic and up to date.

Countdown Timer Bar

A Countdown Timer Bar lets you add a time counter to your website without coding. The Countdown Timer Bar informs your customers about sales and motivates them to shop by stimulating a sense of urgency.

When your customers land on your site, they see a full-width banner displayed at the top or bottom of the storefront. The banner includes a message, a countdown timer, and a button. The message on the bar informs them about a sale running out, the timer displays the time left before their promotional offer ends, and the button has a call to action to shop now. Upon clicking on the button, customers are redirected to the pre-defined special offer page. The timer starts and ends individually for every visitor. The emphasis on the scarcity of your deal gives the customer a sense of urgency. This results in shortening the order completion duration.

With the BolideAI Countdown Timer Bar, you can create multiple countdown timer bars with different messages, colors, and designs for special offers using our flexible customization options. You can style your Countdown Timer Bar precisely the way you want, including your timer's color and typography adjustments to match your brand's look and style.

Email Collection Bar

Use the Email Collection Bar by Bolide to add a newsletter signup to your online store and collect customer email addresses.

The Email Collection Bar offers flexible customization options. You can style your newsletter signup precisely the way you want, including your bar's color and typography adjustments to match your brand's look and style.

The Email Collection Bar appears at the top or bottom of a visitor's browser window as the site loads. You can set up a promotional message on the bar and add an email address field with a call-to-action button. When a customer enters their email in the field and hits the button, the discount coupon appears on the bar. A duplicate of the discount code is sent to the customer's email address as well. The email address data are sent to your Shopify admin, which you can view on the Customers page by selecting the Email subscribers filter.

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